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Spice Herbal Incense, Herbs and Spices, Fake Pot, and K2 Incense in Wholesale and Bulk

Bulk and Wholesale K2 Spice Incense, fake pot, herbs and spices

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Our company is 100% legal in this business and is a bulk and wholesale seller of herbs and spices for aromatherapy, K2 Spice Incense, and several fake pot products. We supply quality, high-grade, and safe aromatherapy combinations for herbs and spices, K2 Spice Incense, and fake pot such as Packaged Kimchi and Packaged GI Jain.

Our K2 Spice, herbs and spices, and fake pot products are meant for aromatherapy only and NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in the form of food or snacks.

IMPORTANT for all wholesale and bulk buyers of our K2 Spice Incense, fake pot, and herbs and spices products:

Sublime Spice is your trusted source of wholesale and bulk K2 Spice Incense, fake pot products, and herbs and spices mix for aromatherapy purposes in America. We value our business and our customer’s well-being that’s why we will NEVER risk going against the law or putting our clients’ health in danger by supplying illegal or banned products and substances in the US. Our bulk and wholesale K2 Spice Incense, Kimchi Herbal Incense, and fake pot products have gone through strict formulations and quality lab tests. We are open to all requests of certificates and tests by the DEA on all our wholesale and bulk herbs and spices, K2, and fake pot blends in the US.

REGARDING YOUR BULK and WHOLESALE ORDERS ONLINE for K2 Spice Incense, herbs and spices for aromatherapy, and fake pot Kimchi Herbal Incense products:
As much as we would like to satisfy all K2, herbs and spices aromatherapy, and fake pot Kimchi Herbal Incense bulk and wholesale orders of our customers, there is a pending legislation in several States. Therefore, we can no longer ship our K2 Spice Incense, Kimchi Herbal Incense, and other herbs and spices aromatherapy and fake pot products to Petis County, Kansas, and Missouri. Also, if there would be other States that would have similar legislation or banning of bulk and wholesale of herbs and spices for aromatherapy, K2 Spice Incense, Kimchi Herbal Incense, and other fake pot products, we regret that we will also follow the law of the United States of America and will not ship to these locations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

MORE ABOUT OUR WHOLESALE and BULK K2, fake pot, and herbs and spices blends for aromatherapy products for sale: Achieve a balance in your body and mind through natural herbs and spices that you can buy in wholesale or in bulk prices right here on Sublime Spice.

Experience Aromatherapy at its peak with our Kimchi Herbal Incense in bulk and wholesale orders. When you think you are so stressed and need to take a bit of hiatus and feel the harmony within you, our herbs and spices blends and fake pot products can help you! Get ready to be relieved from life’s anxiety and absurdity!

Plunge into a powerful fake pot brought to you by Kimchi Herbal Incense. Enjoy our bulk and wholesale herbs and spices at an affordable price. With our herbs and spices, we are offering you the chance to experience a time of total serenity. Out of a fast paced environment, herbal K2 incense gives you temporary calmness finding your mind and body united. Light up your world for a moment and breathe in.

We can assure you that we have nothing but the finest herbs and spices to offer. Kimchi Herbal Incense offers quality fake pot products such as:

  • Packaged Kimchi & Packaged GI Jain
  • Unpackaged Kimchi & Unpackaged GI Jain Serving a large number of states, our herbal spice K2 incense has produced countless names.

Many referred to it as Captain Amsterdam, K2 Spice Incense, Voodoo, Serenity Now, Fake Pot, Legal Smoke and whatnot. We welcome these names but importantly do not misrepresent our products as such. Moreover, we ensure that our product is carried out legally in most states as we take utter adherence to the laws therein in the United States of America. Look nowhere else. Our manufacturer and distributor will match and beat same or lower prices of comparable products. We believe in giving our customers only the real thing and the real value of it.

Kimchi Herbal Incense offers nirvana, which you can’t find elsewhere. Get it now, satisfy your soul. Bulk and wholesale orders enjoy our low price range. For inquiries, contact us today at 1-419-862-5658 or e-mail us at Please see the Contact Us page for the e-mail format. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


WHY OUR K2 Spice Incense, fake pot, and herbs and spices mixture are the best in the US:

All the blends you see in our products list online are composed of legal and all-natural herbs and spices free from chemical impurities and dangerous substances. Nothing you see on our site is illegal or banned products and that’s why you can freely use them for your aromatherapy needs.